Make Anything Taste Delicious: Baconnaise

May 29, 2009


I've known about Baconnaise for a while but I've been getting this tip pretty steadily for like a year now so I guess I can't keep it all to myself anymore. Baconnaise: bacon flavored mayonnaise. From J&D foods (who also make bacon lube and BaconSalt (see the salt after the jump), a 3-pack of 15-ounce jars in on sale from Amazon for the low, low artery clogging price of $11. And with the combined power of Baconnaise and Baconsalt, you really can make anything taste like bacon! And I do mean anything. Oh hoooooney!

Hit the jump to see the salt.


Official Site

Thanks to Shannon, Androly-San, Janine, Bryan, Rion and Brandy, who don't even breathe without applying Bacconaise first.

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