Konami Code Shows List Of Coded Websites

May 9, 2009

konami codes.jpg

Entering the Konami Code on this page displays a list of other known Konami coded websites. I tried out several of them, and they all do different things. One started displaying zombies, one broke into the 'all your base are belong to us' cutscene and others didn't do jackshit. So yeah, feel free to email them if you know of any others. Or, share them in the comments here. But don't go trying to trick me into visiting an adult website, or my mom will take away my internet. And then, no Geekologie. And without Geekologie, ______________.


Konami Code Sites

Thanks to This Is Me Posting and Adubbz, who once beat Contra without using the code. Just kidding, nobody has.

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