It Adds Excitment: Chess On Rollercoasters

May 28, 2009

chess 1.jpg

Chess on rollercoasters is a phenomenon allegedly started by another xkcd cartoon (which you can see by clicking the link or hitting the jump). It's probably old as all hell and I should be beat mercilessly between your breasts as punishment. Go ahead, I can take it. *BWUBWUBWUBWWUB!* I deserved that. Oh, and you might want to keep those out, I feel an old streak coming on. Holy shit -- hands painted like animals!

Hit the jump for the cartoon and several others, including one with a bikini and one with some Jenga action going on because I roll deeper than the Marianas Trench.

chess 2.jpg

chess 3.jpg

chess 4.jpg

jenga 1.jpg

poker 1.jpg

People playing chess on roller coasters [xkcd] (with even more photos)

Thanks to Fally, who once beat Deep Blue while riding Space Mountain. Also, the compuer puked. Weak shit, Deep Blue. And to Ike, who actually sent me the one of him playing cards.

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