Hmm: Birds As Smart As Monkeys, Toddlers

May 27, 2009

rook 1.jpg

In an experiment that helps prove some birds are smarter than they'd look in the bottom of a KFC bucket, a British rook was able to make a tool (hook) in order to accomplish a task (score worms). Allegedly, this puts them on par with monkeys and toddlers. But I haven't seen any toddlers making tools. Just stools. Yeah, in their pants. Birds: 1, toddlers: 0.

They were presented with a small bucket of wriggling worms out of reach at the end of a tube, and next to it a piece of straight wire.

Remarkably, despite never having seen the set-up before, they immediately got to work bending the wire so they could hook out the bucket and tuck in.

Unlike most animals which learn tricks through trial and error, they solved the problem immediately and, since they were raised in captivity, had no other birds to show them how to do it.

Just what I've been waiting for. Now I'm going to use a flock of rooks to finally rob the local bank. God knows the squirrels couldn't do it. Could you, you stupid tree rats? I swear, one of you spots a nut and you act like it's the first time you showered with daddy.

Hit the jump for a couple more action shots and a video.

rook 0.jpg

rook 2.jpg

rook 3.jpg

Rook with a hook proves bird brains are the equal of monkeys' [dailymail]

Thanks to chubo, who tried to lasso a Phoenix and fly it to the moon but caught fire and had to go the hospital.

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