Good News: Disney Relocates Employees Normally Responsible For Finding And Deleting Boobs In Roller Coaster Pictures

May 7, 2009

good times.jpg

You know how there's a camera that takes a picture of you on the steepest drop of a roller coaster? And then the park tries to peddle said photo after you get off the ride? Yeah, well Disney used to have boob-scanning personnel that would look at all the pictures before they appeared to patrons so no child would catch an eyeful. But now, thanks to the economy, not any more! So get out there and flaunt it! Boobs. I'm talking boobs, not penises.

And, since I love you, I included the NSFW NSFW NSFW uncensored version of the picture above after the jump.

good times 2.jpg

Way More Boobs About to Make Disneyland Rollercoasters Exciting Again

Thanks to trishna87 and egleaves, who both puked riding Space Mountain.

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