Fun At The Fair: Animal Hand Paintings

May 22, 2009

hand 1.jpg

These is a little gallery of amazing animal hand paintings created by somebody who I don't know who is. But whoever they are, they sure did a great job. So great, in fact, I've been inspired to paint my own.

Well, what do you think? It's a robin. That? That's the worm it's eating. Oh -- looks like he's having a little trouble keeping it down! Ha -- you see where I'm going with this? Hell.

Hit the jump for a bunch of others and a link to another gallery with at least 2 or 3x more.

hand 2.jpg

hand 3.jpg

hand 4.jpg

hand 5.jpg

hand 6.jpg

hand 7.jpg


Thanks to debaser, who once put nail polish on to perform a stranger and insists its more convincing.

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