Fried Footwear: Mmmm, Bacon Loafers

May 29, 2009

bacon shoes.jpg

These are bacon loafers by Keds. They are fully customizable by choosing different colors for the thread, elastic, midsole, etc., and will set you back $60 (I made these ones as bacon-y as possible and if you argue that I should have made the elastic red instead of pink you're wrong, pink is the color of raw bacon and I love it). Unfortunately, it appears they're only available in women's sizes (because women love sizzling meat -- am I right, girls?), which is a problem seeing how I'm a size 12 *wink*. Long story short, I'm sawing all my toes off.

Product Site

Thanks to naas, who doesn't need to buy a woman bacon shoes to get his meat around her feet. YOW YOW!

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