Finally: A Venn Diagram Of Hybrid Cutlery

May 24, 2009


This is a Venn Diagram of hybrid cutlery. As you can see in the middle, the splayd incorporates all three standard eating utensils in one, high questionable design. Of course, I wouldn't want to eat cereal with it. Or you. YOU'RE DRIBBLING MILK ON MY CARPET YOU HEATHEN!

Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery [eatmedaily]

Thanks to Andrew, who eats with his hands because he's an animal.

  • Bio Hazard

    I kinda think the SPLAYD should've been called a SPIKE. Except a spike is already a thing, so that doesn't really work. But doesn't it at least combine the words spoon, knife, and fork pretty well?

  • Draco18s

    SPLAYD? Where did the Y come from? Or...really...any of the letters. SP clearly came from "SPoon" but the remainder appear in none of the three. Also, it looks like a fork.

  • Maybe to make it fit with the pronunciation of Blade?

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