Eye Candy: Classic Video Game Remakes

May 15, 2009

game art.jpg

This is a little gallery of re-imagined video games by deviantARTist Orioto (aka Mikaël Aguirre). This is Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong Country here. Unfortunately, these don't do the full sized pictures justice, so you'll need to head over to Mikaël's deviantART page to see them in their full glory. Otherwise, you're cheating yourself. Like performing a stranger, but worse.

Hit the jump for a preview of a couple of my favorites.

game art 2.jpg

game art 3.jpg

game art 4.jpg

Orioto's deviantART Gallery
Absolutely Amazing Video Game Remake Wallpapers, Take Two [lifehacker]

Thanks to Romeo and Julian, two star-crossed gamers.

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