Experiment: Which Dog Do Women Like Best?

May 18, 2009

This is a video of an experiment called 'Puppy Pulling Power' that helps determine which breed of dog women respond to most. Basically some guy attached a digital camera to a dog's collar that takes a picture every time it detects a smile. Or breasts. Quite possibly breasts. Whatever the case, I'm adopting everything the pound has to offer. Cats too. Ladies?

Hit the jump for some of the sweater yammier images, along with a graph showing the success of the various dogs, and a longer, 10 minute movie about the project.

puppy love 1.jpg

puppy love 2.jpg

puppy love 3.jpg

puppy love 4.jpg

dog graph.jpg

Official Site
Flickr Images
Puppy Pulling Power Experiment [hackedgadgets]

Thanks to Alex, who knows genius when he sees it.

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