Spam Emails: Now With More Illustration

May 13, 2009

spam 1.jpg

This is a picture from artist Elliot Burford's series of work entitled 'Spam', which features illustrations created using the titles of spam email, most of which are for wiener growing pills. I posted a bunch more of my favorites after the jump, but there are 24 in total (so far), so take a gander if you like them. I was particularly fond of this one, for obvious reasons -- I like the smell of gasoline. Kidding, BURN IT WITH FIRE!

Hit the jump for more.

spam 2.jpg

spam 3.jpg

spam 4.jpg

spam 5.jpg

spam 6.jpg

spam 7.jpg

spam 8.jpg

Spam [elliotburford]

Thanks to Ben, who has to take penis shrinking pills.

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