Crying Wolf: The Fake Shark Attack Wetsuit

May 20, 2009

wetsuit 1.jpg

Want to look like a shark attack victim? I know, who doesn't? Well now thanks to a line of wetsuits by Diddo (the same guy that created these designer gas masks), you can. But if shark attack victim isn't for you, what about an anatomical muscle suit? Or wood? Or a rusted pattern? Hit the jump to see all the options. Currently only available in limited editions, the wetsuits will hit full production sometime in the near future. Just don't expect me to fall for the shark attack thing more than once. And speaking of which, have I ever told you about the time I faked drowning so the sexy lifeguard would perform mouth to mouth? His mustache was scratchy.

Hit it for some more worthwhile shots.

wetsuit 2.jpg

wetsuit 3.jpg

wetsuit 4.jpg

Fashion to Freak out Friends: Fake Shark Attack Wetsuit [dornob]

Thanks to alex and allard, who know all it takes is one well placed blow on the nose to deter a shark attack.

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