Cool: Sampling Youtube To Make New Songs

May 4, 2009
ThruYou is a project by Kutiman that involves sampling videos on Youtube to create all new music. The results are pretty impressive. In Kutiman's own words:

What you are about to see is a mix of unrelated Youtube videos/clips editing together to create ThruYou. In other words - what you see is what you hear.

This is the first one of seven different tracks, so if you like it go check out the others. And if you don't, well, no one cares. But don't let that stop you from leaving a Geekologie comment complaining about it. We'll all pretend to care and/or believe you could do better, won't we guys? Guys? Ha, I guess we won't. Suck it!


Thanks to Riki, Amir and Patrick, who once sampled over 100 different candies in one day and all got tummy aches.

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