Closer To The Action: Kneeling Pee Bench

May 19, 2009

pee genie 1.jpg

The Tenshi no Hizamakura (Angels Knee Pillow) is a little bench designed to get men lower to the action and help prevent urine misplacement. No word if it actually comes with the flying pee genie in the picture, but that would pretty awesome if it did (and also a bargain at $60).

...according to the manufacturer, House Doctor, urinating into the toilet from a certain height results in hundreds of droplets of spray & splash being ejected from the bowl - yes, they actually COUNTED the droplets - and in Japanese households it's the wife who gets to perform the toilet cleaning services.

Ha, maybe America and Japan aren't so different after all. Get it? Because the women do the cleaning here too! Isn't that right, honey? Honey? HONEY?! Shit. Note to self: rerun singles ad. Bigger penis this time.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the questionableness that I'll never need because I always sit down.

pee genie 2.jpg

pee genie 3.jpg

Kneeling Bench Keeps Toilet Splashes (and Pride) to a Minimum [inventorspot]

Thanks to Andrew, who pees fire. Wrap it up, folks.

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