Chuck E. Cheese Gropes Woman's Bosom?

May 4, 2009

chuck e copafeel.jpg

Don't even bother asking what sort of Photoshop trickery I used to make that mirror image, because I won't tell you. Suffice it to say, it was some seriously L337 shit.

Allegedly, an employee dressed as Chuck E. Cheese (now to be known as Chuck E. Copafeel) grabbed some woman's breast in an incident that occurred last August at the restaurant and play palace of the same name (Chuck E. Cheese, not 'some woman's breast'). The picture is of the incident.

"He looked at her, reached out, grabbed her breast and moved along," said Mark Potashnick, Sorbello's attorney. "Her jaw dropped in shock and disgust."

Her stepfather captured in incident in a photo but didn't know it until after they reviewed the pictures, the lawyer said.

Sorbello accuses Thigpen and the restaurant of assault, battery and discrimination in public accommodation. She's asking for unspecified compensation, including punitive damages and attorney's costs.

Assault and battery? I dunno, I'm a little suspect it's taken 9 months to file suit. And that the picture shows what I would describe as a 'shoulder pat fail'. Or, that it just so happens we're in the middle of a recession. Now I'm not trying to discredit Sorbello's claims, I'm just saying, hey, at least it wasn't a kid.

Also, if anybody comes across a higher res version of the picture, hit me with it -- I'll let you touch my butt.

Chuck E Cheese character groped breast, suit says [stltoday]

Thanks to Matthew and Cougar78, who practically wrote the post for me. Thanks guys!

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