Bottle 'Staches: For Those Who Can't Commit

May 28, 2009

bottle staches 1.jpg

Can't commit to growing a sweet freaking mustache? Or maybe you just can't grow facial hair? Whatever the case, these Pops Staches from Shane Blomberg, Andrew Reeves and John Healy may be for you. You just pick a style, attach it to your favorite soda, and never be caught not holding the soda to your lips. This just in: work great on 40's too! Awesome. But personally, I rock a traditional handlebar. Which, due to its inherent danger, you must be this tall *flailing arms* to ride. Ladies?

Hit the jump for a picture of the different styles and a closeup.

bottle staches 2.jpg

bottle staches 3.jpg

Shane Blomberg's Portfolio [coroflot]

Thanks Shane, I want some. What -- a little double mustache action never hurt anyone. Or has it? I bet it has.

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