Baaaaad Idea: Cheap Terminator Costumes

May 19, 2009

terminator kids.jpg

Just in time for the new movie, Toys-Я-Us is selling $13 T-600 (looks more like a T-6 if you ask me) costumes for children. I mean, it's not even Halloween. You let your kid run around the neighborhood with this thing on and it's game over, man! Wait, that was Aliens. Anyway, the costumes were made to compliment the rest of the crap they're marketing to children under 13 who shouldn't even be allowed to see the movie. Just sayin', my dad took me to see the original Terminator when I was 4. It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

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Thanks to Reason, who once killed a T-600 with a laser beam and then called its mother Robo-Cop.

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