Awh, How Cute: A Little LEGO Nintendo

May 14, 2009

legtendo 1.jpg

This is a little Nintendo Flickr user Arkov made using LEGO pieces. As you can see, it's fairly simple. I didn't actually bother counting the number of blocks it took, but given a quick glance, I'd estimate somewhere in the six to eight range. Few enough for even you to be able to make one. Just kidding, you'd probably end up eating all the pieces. Which.....HEY, PUT THAT HELMET BACK ON! Your mother would kill me if she came home and saw you without your -- WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SCISSORS?!?

Hit the jump for some sexy closeups.

legtendo 2.jpg

legtendo 3.jpg

legtendo 4.jpg

LEGO Entertainment System (why didn't I think of that?) [albotas]

Thanks to Julian, who tried making a little LEGO Dreamcast but ended up gluing half the pieces in his hair.

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