Another Dorm Used As A Giant Display

May 17, 2009

This is another video of students from the Polish Wroclaw University of Technology turning one of their dorms into a giant 12 x 10 four-color display. They play all kind of games and animations, so feel free to skip around and realize just how much time was wasted. The group responsible calls themselves P.I.W.O., which is apparently the equivalent of B.E.E.R. in English. Of course it could mean cock rocker for all I know, I'm not Polish.

Dormitory Turned Into Huge Color Display [slashdot]

Thanks to Mark and Julian, once played Pong against each other on a 2 x 2 display and both lost. And to Emode, who is Polish and informed me that P.I.W.O. does in fact translate to B.E.E.R. and not T.I.T.S., which would have been cool too.

  • Jason Whitaker

    but will it blend?

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