Aaah, I Got A Brick In My Eye!: LEGO Glasses

May 10, 2009

coolest glasses ever.jpg

LEGO Sunglasses are the result of the famous toy manufacturer bedding French optics company Lynx Optique. Just some heavy petting and dry humping though. The glasses, which have the iconic LEGO nubbins on the sides, allow the wearer to pimp them out by attaching LEGO pieces. So now you can build a giant plastic Jesus on your face. Or a space shuttle. Or you could, I dunno, just slap a bunch of tranny minifigs on there. Style: I wear it like a paper bag helmet.

Lego sunglasses let you build your own fashion [dvice]

Thanks to Laura, who wears her LEGO sunglasses at night so she can watch me live and breathe my story lines.

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