$2,500 XBox Shoes Don't Even Play Games

May 12, 2009

xkicks 1.jpg

Looking to blow $2,500 on something that's bound to get all scuffed up and smell funky within a few months? Cool, buy me one of those masturbation machines. Or these shoes.

These are an exclusive pair...only one of its kind. Patent leather back with embedded fiber optic wiring in the shape of the XBOX logo. Battery placement is in the tongue as well as on and off switch that has 2 settings: Strobe or Constant light functions. Gradient lime swoosh faded to black. The toe is painted in a surreal Tiger Camouflage with accents of lime and bright green. These are a men's size 11.

$2,500 for a pair of sneakers? For that kind of money I was at least expecting them to play Halo. Yeah, and have speakers so I can hear all the penisless pre-pubescent boys telling me what a homosexual African American I am.

Hit the jump for several more shots including the fiber optics in action.

xkicks 2.jpg

xkicks 3.jpg

xkicks 4.jpg

eBay Auction

Thanks to Deetz, who would rather spend his $2,500 on liquor and women BECAUSE HE'S A PATRIOT.

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