13,500 Pages Of Data Etched On A 3" Disk

May 26, 2009

tiny 1.jpg

The Rosetta Disk is a 3" nickel disk that has been etched with over 13,500 pages of information on how to read and understand the world's languages in case aliens get tired of sticking things up our butts and want to get their learn on. It represents over 1,500 languages and requires a 500x microscope to read a single page. You hear that, aliens -- don't forget your microscopes (read: leave the probes at home).

Hit the jump for a close-up that isn't close enough.

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Rosetta Project
What Is This? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jana, who knows over 40 languages and may or may not be a spy who has slept with James Bond (read: she totally is).

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