Wine Glass Features Convenient Reservoir

April 20, 2009

wine glass 1.jpg

I know what you're thinking, "holy shit, that glass has a tumor!", and you're right, it kind of does. The Glass Tank is a conceptual wine receptacle that keeps your glass topped off at a constant level. That way you get drunk with while you're, you know, I've been drinking. Now I know -- 4.20's supposed to be about smoking, but, and it might just be the booze talking -- but I love booze. Also, this is a stupid idea. I already have a wine glass with built in receptacle -- it's called the box. Or, if I feel like being Mr. Fancy Pants, the bottle. Class: you can't spell Geekologie Writer without it.

Hit the jump for one more shot of how it works (air replaces wine in reservoir as you drink).

wine glass 2.jpg

Miraculous wine glass holds drinks galore in its gravity-defying reserve tank [dvice]

Thanks to Dave and Julian, who prefer their beverage receptacles tumor free.

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