WHEE!: Fun With Fridge Magnet Letters

April 29, 2009

magnet letters 1.jpg

Want to play with those magnetic letters you stick on the fridge but stuck at work? No problem! Enter Lunchtimer's Letters 'game', where you can arrange a bunch of the colorful plastic letters to spell whatever you want. The only problem is, you have to do it in a room with 2-50 other people, so while you're trying to spell 'GEEKOLOGIE', other people are trying to change it to 'DICKOLOGIE'. Good times. There's also a game called Scratchpad where everyone doodles together like in Microsoft Paint. Obviously, both games fill up with penises and cuss words pretty quickly. Also, somebody kept drawing a pretty good Pedobear.

Hit the jump for a more common scene.

magnet letters 2.jpg

Letters [lunchtimers]

Thanks to Victoria, who was actually able to made the first picture without anybody screwing it up. Wow, you lucked out.

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