Taste The Rainbow With A Rainbow Cake!

April 6, 2009

rainbow cake 1.jpg

Want to make a rainbow cake to celebrate Easter or being gay? Do it up -- but I get to lick the spatula when you're finished. And by "the" I mean "your". Just sayin', I'm cool pitching for both teams. And when I say "pitching", I obviously mean "catching". I talk in code! Now, throw me a fastball, champ, I'm late for work.

Hit the jump for several more of the awesomeness and a link to the recipe.

rainbow cake 2.jpg

rainbow cake 3.jpg

rainbow cake 4.jpg

rainbow cake 5.jpg

how to make a rainbow cake! [omnomicon]

Thanks to Candi and towhee, whose rainbows really do lead to a pot of gold. I don't even know what that means, but call me a leprechaun!

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