Surprise!: Japanese Video Game Harnesses Head Tracking Technology For Perversion

April 17, 2009

webcam upskirt action.jpg

Japanese erotic game maker Teatime's latest perversion comes in the form of Tech48, a platform which allows players to look at the in-game characters using head-tracking technology via webcam. What does this mean to the lay-pervert? More realistic upskirt action. Wow, using the latest in technology for deviancy, I'm shocked. Just kidding, it's the American way. Did I say American? I mean Japanese. My God those people are geniuses.

Hit the jump for a video of the perversion in action (upskirt demo starts at 2:30).

PC Game + Webcam Makes In-Game Upskirts Now Possible [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian and Cougar78, who have never looked up a girl's skirt in their lives because they have x-ray vision.

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