Sure, Why Not?: The YI Zipper Headphones

April 24, 2009

zipper headphones.jpg

Ji Woong designed the YI Zipper Headphones in the form factor of a zipper. They were designed to keep your wires tidy and look cool, but the pull even doubles as a volume controller. So now you finally have an excuse to play with your headphones and make zipper noises. Rub your corduroy pant legs together and clap and TA-DA!: you're a one man band. Unless you're a woman, in which case you and I should make a duet. Then love. a sandwich. No -- a gyro. :)

Zip it: YI Zipper earphones keep cables zipped up and tidy [dvice]

Thanks to Captain Jonald and Pikksky, who have thankfully never had a ball caught in their zipper. Trust me guys, you don't want to. It feels like a carpenter driving a burning nail into your change purse.

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