Super Realisitic Dark Knight Joker Figures

April 8, 2009

joker 1.jpg

This 1/6 scale Joker figure from Hot Toys' 'Movie Masterpiece Deluxe' line only stands a foot tall but is super-realistic, including moving, semi-translucent eyes. The figurine comes with two heads (one with Joker make-up, see after the jump), several different outfits, and interchangeable hands and weaponry. No word on price yet (probably expensive based on the quality), but they should be available sometime this summer/fall. So, start saving your milk money, kids. And also, yourself for marriage -- the wait is worth it.

Hit the jump for a bunch more detailed pictures.

joker 2.jpg

joker 3.jpg

joker 4.jpg

joker 5.jpg

joker 6.jpg

joker 7.jpg

joker 8.jpg

joker 9.jpg

joker 10.jpg

Product Site

The Joker Figure - Must have collector item [flylyf]

Thanks to Margo the Jeweler, who has danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, but didn't like it.

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