Star Wars And Mario Russian Nesting Dolls

April 7, 2009

stacking dolls 1.jpg

Some artsy folks went and custom painted traditional Matryoshka dolls to look like characters from Star Wars and Super Mario, respectively. Not bad. I think these would make a great arts-and-crafts project to do with your kids, provided they don't eat the paint or glue their heads to the kitchen table. Which, be honest, they totally will. Haha, do I know your kids or what? On my way to work today I saw your youngest standing in the front yard hitting himself in the head with a Whiffleball bat. *sniff* Made me wish I had one of my own. The bat, not the kid.

Hit the jump for some closeups of the two sets.

stacking dolls 2.jpg

stacking dolls 3.jpg

stacking dolls 4.jpg

stacking dolls 5.jpg

stacking dolls 6.jpg

Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls Set [walyou]
Super Mario Bros Matryoshka Dolls Set [wiinoob]

Thanks to Jamie, who

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