Giant Spiders Of Death Now Attacking Japan

April 23, 2009

spider of death 1.jpg

I wasn't going to post this because we've already seen La Machine's spider in Liverpool, but I've gotten the tip so many times asking why I'm not covering the apocalypse like I should, that I figured I'd go ahead and scare the shit out of you all again. Must be your lucky day. Oh, and now there's two giant robotic spiders of death. Eek!

A pair of giant robotic spiders designed and built by French performance art group La Machine have come to Yokohama to take part in the upcoming Expo Y150, a 5-month festival commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the city's port.

Although the Expo Y150 festivities are not scheduled to officially begin until the end of April, the enormous steampunk spiders could be seen prowling the Yokohama waterfront this weekend.

Great, so the spiders went ahead and got a leg up (or eight!) on the festivities. And by festivities I obviously mean killing everyone and burning Japan to the ground. Oh well, I guess I'll have to postpone my worn panty shopping spree another year. *sigh*

Hit the jump for another shot and video.

spider of death 2.jpg

Giant robot spider in Yokohama [pinktentacle]

Thanks to Mungo9000, Ptithom, Andrew, Matty, Efren, Tyler and Shelley, who know the only way to battle a giant robotic spider is with, uh, Spiderman?

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