Scary: A Childhood Photo From The Future

April 23, 2009

robot friend.jpg

This is a childhood photo FROM THE FUTURE. Don't ask me how I got it, but suffice it to say I got some wires crossed when I was building my time machine (read: I showed up in 2120 with a trash bag full of dinosaur-sized condoms). Anyway, I brought this back to show you how not cool the future is. You want your kids growing up with robot pals? No, no you don't. And if you do, well, *ffffubt*. Oh that? Nothing -- just a little contraceptive blowdart.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile picture of some African robots.

robots in africa.jpg

Friends Forever
Robots of Africa [heyokay]

Thanks to Dominic, who thought it would be funny to make a cardboard robot costume and try to scare me on my way to work. It wasn't. Get well soon, Dominic.

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