Scanwiches: They're What's For Lunch

April 8, 2009

scanwich mmmm.jpg

Scanwiches are cross-sectioned sandwiches that have been carefully digitized using a flatbed scanner. Each one provides a HQ picture of what to expect from a particular sandwich from a certain sandwich shop or deli. For instance, this is a Salami, Coleslaw, Tomato, and Mustard on a seeded roll from Parisi Bakery. Looks delicious! Now, if I just had a taste and smell-o-vision enabled computer monitor, I'd be in porkchop sandwiching heaven right now. But I don't, so you may be wondering why I'm licking the screen anways. You see, The Superficial Writer promised me a sweet boob post this afternoon, so I'm stretching. Now -- bringeth thine boobs, mine tongue awaits! Also, I brought a gauntlet just in case a certain dragon needs slaying.

Hit the jump for several more of the deliciousness and a link to the website.


scanwich 2.jpg

scanwich 3.jpg

scanwich 4.jpg


Thanks to krismothy, who once tried to scan a Bacon Explosion with incendiary results.

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