Real Sugar: Mountain Dew 'Throwback'

April 27, 2009

mountain dew throwback.jpg

Just for the summer (unless they're hugely popular) Pepsi is producing Mountain Dew and Pepsi 'Throwback', which both contain natural sugar instead of that high fructose maize (I'm part Cherokee) syrup bullshit.

The first thing I noticed was how smooth the carbonated soda went down. It's not nearly as harsh as the standard type and I'm sure peeps who aren't avid Mountain Dew drinkers will appreciate the difference.

Also, the aftertaste. It's more natural and clean. Hell, even my burps taste different. I LOVE IT.

Different tasting burps, now that's a selling point. It's like how Maker's Mark makes my vomit taste different. Mmmm. Unfortunately, Dew Throwback contains thrice the Yellow #5 as regular Mountain Dew, so you 'Throwback' fanatics can kiss your penises goodbye.

Review: Mountain Dew Throwback [crunchgear]

Thanks to Octopus Pie, who hates high fructose corn syrup almost as much as low fructose corn syrup.

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