Reader Makes Tribble Cage From Old Monitor

April 3, 2009

tribble 1.JPG

Geekologie Reader Jen went and made a Tribble cage out of an old CRT monitor. For those of you who don't know, Tribbles are those adorable furry bastards from the Star Trek series. And as you can see, Jen did a great job making a wonderful little home for one. Good looking. Just don't get him wet -- we don't want any Gremlins on our hands! Haha, do I know my stuff or what?

Hit the jump for six more close-ups of the custom cage.

tribble 2.JPG

tribble 3.JPG

tribble 4.JPG

tribble 5.JPG

tribble 6.JPG

tribble 7.JPG

Thanks Jen, now could you help me build something for a womprat?

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