Own A Plastic Box Of NYC Trash For $50

April 1, 2009

nyc trash 1.jpg

Nope, not April Fools either. Real boxes of "hand-picked" trash from the streets of New York City are available for $50 from greedy garbage tycoon Justin Gignac. You can also get limited edition boxes from Yankee Stadium or New Year's Eve for $100.

I sell garbage. I scour New York City streets picking up trash. After filling bags with subway passes, Broadway tickets, and other NYC junk, I carefully arrange plastic cubes full of the stuff. Each box is unique and won't leak or smell. The cubes are then signed, numbered, and dated, making them perfect for anyone wo wants their own piece of the NYC landscape.

Apparently Justin has already sold over 700 cubes in over 41 states and 19 countries. So, somebody start selling them for $10, and maybe I'll buy one. People buying trash off the streets of New York City, that is just amazing. Well, like the saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's free needle". I'm gonna try shooting glue!

Hit the jump for a close-up of a cube.

nyc trash.jpg

Product Site

NYC Garbage for SALE [noquedanblogs]

Thanks to duan, who's selling LA trash for $25.

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