Now That's Fine Art: Mario Strikes Back

April 7, 2009

maro strikes back.jpg

This is painting by Los Angeles artist Misha entitled Empire. There are two others after the jump, both of which feature some relatively not-at-all-hot slave-girl Peach action (okay, the second one did a little something). They're all available for sale if you're interested, to the tune of $1,400. Which, haha, is a little out of my range. You see, I only sing bass. And speaking of which -- all yours are belong to me!

Hit it for the others.

mario art 2.jpg

mario art 3.jpg

Super Mario Bros. Strikes Back!

Thanks again to Julian, who once painted a landscape and then sold it at auction under the guise that an orphaned elephant did it all with it's trunk. That's pretty low, Julian. I like your style.

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