Not As Cool As Geekologie, But Nakeder

April 21, 2009


Geckology. Not exactly Geekologie, but hey, there's some side-boob action so I'll take it. And for those of you who care, this particular specimen happens to be a Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko), the second largest of the gecko species. He is NOT to be confused with that little wanker from the Geico commercials, who is obviously some form of day gecko. Just sayin', I used to study herpetology. Now, which one of you is brave enough to hold my pocket snake? He doesn't bite, but I may have lined my pocket with Super Glue.

Uncensored (and only slightly NSFW) picture after the jump.

geckology 2.jpg

Geckology [loltatz]

Thanks to whatever, who's actually getting a Geekologie tattoo. Don't do it, whatever, don't do it!

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