Mega Man 2: From Start To Finish In Song

April 5, 2009

NOTE: Video is NSFW due to language.

This is a song about beating all the bosses in Mega Man 2 and winning the game. It's long though, so the best way to view it is to skip around unless you really have seven minutes to kill. Also, it's NSFW because they say lots of bad words. But that's okay, because it's Sunday and you're not at work are you? No, you're in church on your Blackberry. So, fire away champ -- it's what Jesus would do.*

*This claim has not been approved by the Vatican, or even a local pastor. In fact, I haven't run it by anyone. Except the dog, who just looked at me quizzically before going back to licking herself. Which, at least in my eyes, is a total yes.


Thanks to Leif, Alex, Kevin and Geoff, who once stuck sticks in Fan Man's blades and Fan Man secretly liked it.

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