Man Wants Camera Installed In Prosthetic Eye, Temporarily Settles For Terminator Eye

April 21, 2009

cyborg eye 1.jpg

Rob Spence has had eye problems since a shooting accident at 13. Now 36, Rob had the eye removed three years ago and decided he wants a video camera in it's place. Only problem: getting a video camera in its place.

Thus far, they've built devices that create wireless NTSC signals--the sort of standard wireless signal a television uses--and are now working on getting this to work in sync with a miniature camera and a battery, all attached to a printed circuit board, all of which has to fit inside a prosthetic eye.

So in the meantime Rob sports the Terminator eye to drum up interest in the project and try to score some funding. Good luck, Rob. And by good luck I mean I won't hesitate to go John Connor on that ass if I have to.

Hit the jump for one more shot and a link to the superlong article.

cyborg eye 2.jpg

Working-Class Cyborg [bmenews]

Thanks to Leanna, who once Superpoked my eye out on Facebook. True story.

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