Man Builds Batmobile From Batman Forever

April 28, 2009

batmobile 1.jpg

Sculptor Bob Causey went and built himself a replica of the Batmobile from Batman Forever. That's all the information I have except it drives and has a complete interior. Also, Batman Forever came out in 1995. So remember kids: never give up on your dreams, it's better 14 years late than never. Or is it? It isn't. I would have turned that shit into a hotdog cart by '98.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a video of the retracting cockpit top.

batmobile 2.jpg

batmobile 3.jpg

batmobile 4.jpg

Sculptor Builds Working Batman Forever Batmobile in Garage [techeblog]

Thanks to OJ and Tim, who built a replica of the Batplane but accidentally crashed into the ocean because Tim thought he saw a mermaid.

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