LOST Cake To Celebrate 100th Episode

April 29, 2009

lost cake 1.jpg

This LOST cake was made for the cast and crew of the show by Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame) to celebrate the series' 100th episode, which airs tonight.

It has been more than four years since that fateful airliner, Oceanic Flight 815, crashed onto an Island on September 22nd, 2004. After 99 episodes full of ominous mythology, startling discoveries, shocking cliffhangers, buried secrets, and stunning character development - we have reached the 100 episode milestone.

Nice -- 100 episodes and we still don't know jackshit. Or do we? Rearrange the letters in 'black smoke' and what do you get? Exactly, fondant. BOOM, mystery solved.

Bigger picture HERE.

Lostpedia (which, if you're a LOST fan and didn't know about, you've been missing out)

Thanks to Chris and Matt, who once Bermuda Triangled with a special magnetic field and then next thing you know babies, black smoke, mysterious civilization, time travel and a whole bunch of other boom-shacka-lacka.

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