It's Trippy Time!: The Bulbdial Clock

April 13, 2009

bulbdial 1.jpg

The Bulbdial clock is like a sundial except, instead of the sun, it uses little LEDs to cast shadows from the timepiece's center spoke. Impressively, it casts three different shadows to correspond to the hours, minutes and seconds. It achieves this feat by having three tiers of LEDs, with the highest casting the (red) hour hand (explanatory pictures after the jump).

Additionally, for fun and clarity, we used red, green, and blue LEDs for the three rings, making each shadow hand of the clock a different color. Each ring has 12 LEDs, and the 36 LEDs are efficiently multiplexed by an AVR microcontroller that also handles the timekeeping part of the project.

So it's a a sundial for inside -- awesome! I swear, what will they come up with next? Interactive adult DVDs? Haha, already been done. And not to brag or anything, but I did crack the disk. Ladies?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the build page.

bulbdial 2.jpg

bulbdial 3.jpg

bulbdial 4.jpg

A Bulbdial Clock [evilmadscientist]

Thanks to Matty, who doesn't need to know what time it is because he's unemployed.

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