+10 HP: D&D Dungeon Master Cake

April 10, 2009

dnd cake 1.jpg

D&D co-creator Dave Arneson passed away earlier this week, and, in his honor, I'm posting a cake. This particular Dungeons & Dragons themed treat was made for a Dungeon Master operating in the Philadelphia area.

In honor of his birthday, Katie Lanciano, on of the the players in his game made him this out of control cake. The 3D DM is a fairly accurate cake effigy of my brother in a 1st Edition style D and D robe. There are marzipan characters to represent all the players in the campaign. The bard is playing a fiddle! There is a marzipan owl/familiar, the symbol of Boccob on the side, and a perfectly accurate DM's guide. Plus an apple of discord. Wow.

Impressive. And based on a quick calculation, I estimate the cake provides approximately +10 HP per slice. But sadly, also +15 runs and -5 TP. Um, WORTH IT!

Hit the jump for a couple more and the link to the whole gallery.

dnd cake 2.jpg

dnd cake 3.jpg

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Dungeons & Dragons/Discordian birthday cake

Thanks to Matt, who once ate his weight in marzipan and then was twice his normal weight.

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