How To Pick Up Men: Nintendo In A Purse

April 22, 2009

nintendo purse.jpg

Let's face it, there are few things in the world men respond more to than boobs. And fast cars. And vaginas. And beer. And fireworks. And dinosaurs. And guns. And meat. And meat guns. And sports. And power tool guns. Oh, and video games. So if you're a lady looking to score some attention from the lesser sex, but aren't ready to go topless (I urge you to reconsider), you may want to mod yourself a Nintendo purse.

Thanks to modder Jeri Ellsworth's creation, nerds everywhere finally understand the purpose of the purse. Hers has a built-in LCD and two velcro-on NES controllers for some on-the-go Super Mario Bros.

The guts of the purse are made from one of those system-on-a-chip deals that modders worldwide are so fond of, and the screen is just taken from a portable DVD player.

The system also has a Commodore 64 on a chip and some other basic computing capabilities. that Joust? ZOMG, Jeri, tell me you're in the DC area -- I'll meet you out for a drink! And not just to steal your purse. Okay, to steal your purse. Don't hate -- I look good with a manbag!

Video demo of the purse after the jump.i

Nerdbait: Modette's Purse Has All the Fixings for Some Classic Gaming Built In [gizmodo]

Thanks to Julian, who once dated a girl because she had an N64. Hey, nothing wrong with that.

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