Great: Controlling Robots With Your Mind

April 1, 2009

robot mind reading.jpg

The Honda Research Institute Japan, along with ATR and Shimadzu Corporation (all of whom can expect threatening letters from yours truly) has developed a system that makes it possible to control robots with your thoughts alone. Wow, this doesn't sound scary at all.

The technology uses electroencephalography (EEG) and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to allow a human to control a robot, in this case the Honda ASIMO, using mere thought. The technology offers up to 90 percent control accuracy without the use of physical implants, a huge milestone in human-to-robot interface that the research group hopes will yield new advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.

What could possibly go wrong? Besides everything. And by everything I mean the destruction of the entire human race. And also, this LEGO castle I'm building. But I put so much time into it!

Hit the jump for a video explaining the technology.

Honda research group unveils non-invasive human-to-robot interface [dvice]

Thanks to Steve, Spoonman, Joemo, Cocktus and Julian, who know the only robot you want to control with your thoughts is a Love-bot. Am I right guys? Haha, that was a test. You all failed, now get out.

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