Good Stuff: Remakes Of The Peekaru Picture

April 2, 2009

vest 1.jpg

Remember Peekaru, the $80 vest that makes it look like a young mutant is bursting forth from your bosom? Yeah, well the folks over at Emptees have a huge gallery of Photoshopped versions. I've included a few of my favorites after the jump, so check them out. Then hit the link at the bottom to see the entire Emptees gallery, which is slightly NSFW because there are two with boobs. But honestly, I barely noticed them. And I definitely didn't print them out in color. And I definitely didn't forget to go pick them up from the print....uh-oh.

UPDATE: What bullshit, printing out a picture of a boob IS NOT sexual harassment. I swear, some people. Oh well -- anybody hiring?

Hit it, toots.

vest 2.jpg

vest 3.jpg

vest 4.jpg

vest 5.jpg

vest 6.jpg

vest 7.jpg

vest 8.jpg

vest 9.jpg

Snuggie Baby [emptees]

Thanks to Jeff (who made the Carrot Top one), and Thomas, both of whom have actually seen babies burst out of women's chests and surprisingly describe the event as "DO NOT WANT".

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