Good Eats: A Whole Chicken In A Can

April 30, 2009

canned chicken 1.jpg

Hungry? Yeah, but are you whole chicken in a can hungry? That's right folks, Sweet Sue's Canned Whole Chicken (without giblets) is an entire cooked chicken in a can (a big one). Equally perfect for camping trips or throwing up everywhere! Hit the jump to see an uncanning in progress, which will leave you wondering why you've ever eaten anything else. Then go get one. You'll be doubled over on the bathroom floor with the runs quicker than you can say "I think I ate the asshole"! Bon Appétit!

Hit it for the uncanning. Really makes me want one.

canned chicken 2.jpg

canned chicken 3.jpg

canned chicken 4.jpg

canned chicken 5.jpg

canned chicken 6.jpg

A Whole Chicken In A Can: YUMMO! [foodnetworkhumor]

Thanks to ash, who's holding out for turducken in a can.

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