For When It's Cold: Sleeping Bag Coats

April 13, 2009

sleeping bag coats.jpg

Lippi Selk'bags cost $125-$150 and look like wearable sleeping bags. Because that's what they are -- sleeping bags that you wear. Any of you lovely ladies interested in sharing one with me? Awesome -- I get it on weekends!

Lippi's Selk'bag is made for mobility, comfort and a more recuperative sleep. Designed and tested in the Andes, the Selk'bag was named in honor of the lost Selk'nam natives of Chile who were known for their ferocity and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

In a recent comparison conducted by Consumer Reports, a Selk'bag actually ripped a Snuggie's sleeves off and defecated down its head hole. Which, you're right, would have made a great commercial.

Sleeping-Bag Suit Makes Snuggies Look Even Wussier [asylum]

Thanks to Stephen, who can endure temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius because he's inside a tauntaun.

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