For Sale: The T-Virus Vial From Resident Evil

April 6, 2009

t virus.jpg

Want to own the T-virus?
Want to own the vial the T-virus came in? Well now you can, thanks to a $3,800 eBay auction for (one of?) the very vial(s) used in Resident Evil: Extinction!

Direct from the set of Resident Evil:Extinction comes the very very key virus tube! This is one of the most sought after movie collectibles from this franchise and is yours to bring home today. This is a glass vial with non-removable metal end caps with empty spiraling inner glass tubes. (One of the Tubes is loose) This measures approximately 4.75" x 1.5" and is screen used.

What do you mean, "One of the Tubes is loose"? I ain't paying no damn $4K for a nonfunctional virus container, I'll tell you that right now. You try to fill that up and next thing you know you're spilling T-virus juice down the front of your pants. Which....

UPDATE: It grew arms! Now, who needs a Monday hug?

eBay Auction

Thanks to OctopusPie, who's delicious with a little CuttlefishIcecream.

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