Crazy Sink Is Crazy, Drains Onto The Floor

April 18, 2009

sink 1.jpg

The Abisko Washbasin from Eumar isn't even a basin. It's a freaking waterslide. A waterslide sink that drains onto the floor. How hilarious would it be if some bar installed this thing and forgot to put in the drain? Or even better -- you clogged it with a bunch of paper towels! HAHAHA, water damage is so funny! But seriously, it would be cool to spit blood in the sink and watch it sail down the stream. And why would you be spitting blood? I dunno, sometimes you just *WA-POW!* that's why.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the questionable modernity.

sink 2.jpg

sink 3.jpg

sink 4.jpg

sink 5.jpg

Insane sink twists washbasin into babbling brook

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